The Global Online Laboratory Consortium is focused on promoting the development and sharing of, and research into remotely accessible laboratories for educational use. As the usage of online experiments gains traction in the educational community, there is increasing interest in developing online labs on a common infrastructure. A unified and interoperable architecture is essential to convert the current tremendous interest for online experiments into an economy of labs that can be efficiently shared around the world.


Mission Statement

" The mission of the consortium is the creation of sharable, online experimental environments which increase the educational and scientific value of learning which may not be accessible, scalable or efficient through traditional methods".

This means especially:

  • to encourage and support the creation of new online labs and associated curricular materials;
  • to sponsor the design of an efficient mechanism for sharing, exchanging and trading access to online labs by creation of a global network of shareable experiments;
  • to support communities of scholars created around online laboratories; and
  • to lead the evolution of an architecture that enables the sharing of online labs by unified standards.

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